Nerf perses extended hopper

Since it's the new year, me or one of the other admins really ought to update the poll and featured blaster on the main page. An idea just struck me, though: what if we did some kind of bracket-style "Blaster of the Decade" series of polls? Part of the reason I end up not updating the poll nearly as often as I should is because there's a lack of ideas for it.

(NERF MOD) Rival Perses Extended Hopper w/Optic and Loadout!

GameFAQs does something similar, with their "best game" polls, and I think it could be neat to reflect on an entire decade's worth of products released. Just stock Nerf releases, yes. If people really wanted, we could nclude non-Nerf stuff. If we did that, it would be limited to commercial releases that were available in stores. So, no 3D printed blasters. Yeah, not NIC-grade blasters. I am not sure it'd be very fair to any standard Nerf blaster to have it up against something like a Caliburn!

This is definitely intended as just a fun little community thing, and not an actual "this is the best blaster of the decade, go buy one now, it's our best recommendation" type thing. That's a good idea. So would we do it like best ofthen the next one is best ofetc and at the end a best of the top blaster from each year? Seems like we could dance to that!

There's so much content we can create. Like "best shotgun-esque blaster", best gimmick, worst blaster, best remake, best idea on paper that does not work on real life, et cetera! Something like that, yeah. That or we do some kind of submission thread that people can suggest blasters for the poll, and then we make up a bracket of some kind from there. It may be easier just to do it by year, though Or maybe a best non-Nerf, or best in class.

Or to Mojo's point, a best commercially available blaster Nerf, knockoff, or otherwise. That blaster. The " quintessential " Nerf blaster Just like Zuru, and many other brands. It's way more complicated these days. So maybe we need a " best in breed " and " best in show " type of bracket? Not sure for sure. Like horse shoes, rotary phones, leaded gas, and 3G phones.

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Those are some very good points, Elliot. The reason I have it as only Nerf, only stock in mind, is because making other comparisons would complicate things. And even thenSign In Register. My Gumtree Post an ad. All Categories. Back to results. Post Similar Ad Report Ad. Dart blasters! Jet blaster CEDA Sport model around now available Ltd numbers Want something cool for the kids, shoot me a msg heaps of products, too many to list best prices and service in Australia!

Tracking number provided and signature upon request. Please text or msg can arrange phone call upon request.

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A foam blaster that will never go out of service! Alpha and Omega tune up kits will be available in the near future Ergonomic high speed pump action. Available in bright blue and red color for team identification This is not your grandpappy's old foam dart blaster; time to graduate from the training wheels to something a bit more exciting. The simple and easy to upgrade rifle can be broken down to two major components; the upper receiver which houses the barrel assembly and action, and the lower receiver which houses the trigger group and piston.

The modular parts can be swapped out with various upgrade parts and kits to tune for your desired performance. Other features include a Picatinny top rail to mount tactical accessories such as sights, optics, lights, and lasers as well as a buffer tube with Mil-Spec dimensions to attach your favorite butt stocks. Combined with a 15 round detachable magazine, you can carry a full loadout on your raid against your marketing or accounting departments for the last box of donuts or out to the arena for some nail biting team death match competition.

I provide A1 service at the best prices in Australia and I guarantee all my products are new and in original packaging. Any faulty or broken products will be exchanged or refunded. Please contact me for more details, email or text message is best for me as I look after 2 young kids during the day and find it hard to answer the phone.

Happy to arrange talking over the phone in the evenings, if required, but please message first, during the day, to organise that. Prices change daily due to multiple factors. If I can buy it cheaper I pass the savings onto you and I try to stay the cheapest pricing in Australia. Recently Viewed Watchlist Search Alerts. You don't have any recently viewed items Any items you have viewed recently will be displayed here.

Is this still available? If so, when and where can I pick it up? I consent to receive marketing and third party offers from Gumtree. Sign in to make an offer. Safety and security tips. Call Message. Download the Gumtree app for iOS or Android. All Rights Reserved.This colossal blaster is fully motorized for rapid-fire dart-blasting and boasts a huge dart drum to unleash a massive, dart storm.

Power up the motor and pull the trigger to pepper the playing field with a deluge of darts. The barrel spins as the blaster unleashes its darts to send opponents running for cover. Use the included shoulder strap to carry the blaster into battle. Includes: blaster, dart drum, 50 darts, strap, and instructions. Clip and additional darts not included. Requires 4 1. Available at most major toy retailers nationwide.

Crank the handle back and forth and pull the trigger to launch 1 dart at a time, or unleash all 20 darts rapidly with slam-fire action. Official NERF darts are tested and approved for performance and quality and are constructed of foam with flexible, hollow tips. Includes: blaster, drum, 60 darts, and instructions.

This blaster features the fastest blasting NERF RIVAL system, so rev up the motor and rapid-fire up to 8 rounds per second to blanket the competition with a hailstorm of firepower! It includes a 9. Hold down the acceleration button to power up the motor, then pull the trigger to fire.

The trigger lock prevents accidental firing. Includes: blaster, rechargeable battery, charger, 50 rounds, and instructions. Available in red or blue. Each sold separately. The zombie fighters created a way to generate power — and they tricked the zombies into running it! When you power it up and fire, lights flash and glow in different places on the blaster, and it makes revving, blasting, and sparking sounds.

This toy blaster comes with an dart clip and 18 darts, giving you plenty of firepower to go up against the zombies. The blaster is motorized, so you can rev it up and shoot all 18 darts in a row with rapid-fire blasting.

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Includes: blaster, dart clip, 18 darts, and instructions. Requires 4 AA batteries, not included. The Nerdy will be at Toy Fair all four days bringing you all of the coverage as it happens.

Be sure to follow along Feb.Nerf Rival battles will never be the same! This motorized blaster unleashes high-impact rounds at feet per second 30 meters per second with Nerf Rival accuracy.

It comes with one round magazine and 12 high-impact rounds. The blaster has a trigger lock and tactical rail. Power it with batteries or the Nerf Rival Rechargeable Battery Pack batteries and battery pack not included. The Hera is an awesome little blaster and a great addition to the Nerf Rival line. This magazine-fed flywheel-driven semi-automatic is very accurate and packs plenty of punch. The "bull pup" styling makes it easy to handle and it points very naturally.

I highly recommend getting the rechargeable NiMH battery pack as it reduces weight and will quickly pay for itself vs. The biggest limitation is the round magazine capacity. However, extra magazines are readily available and fairly inexpensive.

Also, with a little practice, magazine changes are quick and easy. Nonetheless, a reliable larger capacity magazine option would take the Hera from really great to freaking awesome. The pictures show it next to an Apollo XV for size comparison. With the rival rechargeable battery this is a little beast.

Really like the feel of this blaster. I have a perses with the extended hopper giving it rounds and I think I like this blaster more. Not extremely accurate. Accurate enough. Lots of fun! Nice balance. Large grip and weight probably too large for small hands. This is more of a teenager thru adult type of blaster. Semi-automatic which means no prime slide spring mechanism and you fire rounds as fast as you pull the trigger.

The flywheel motor does slow down a bit during rapid fire. Note you have to insert the magazine before the motor will turn on.

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This was hard to find. Thanks Walmart for an in stock great price ship-to-store!!

Perses hopper

There is nothing defective about the blaster. Strongly recommend picking up the rechargeable battery alongside. My boys and I like this Nerf blaster. It's super easy to useit has a easy-load 12 round magazine. It also is compatible with a rechargeable battery.

nerf perses extended hopper

It has a trigger lock. It comes with two team flags. It's pretty cool how far they can actually go. Usually all the toys ALL go to my sonReturn To Shop. Shop by Model Shop by Model.

nerf perses extended hopper

Shop by Model. Special for stryfe Special for retaliator Special for mage. Shopping cart Close.

Worker Mod Extended Hopper 3D Printed Attachment for Rival Perses Modify Toy

No products in the cart. Click to enlarge. Add to wishlist. Add to compare. Share: Twitter. This extended Hopper Increase the ammo capacity to rounds capacity.

nerf perses extended hopper

Note: When the ammo supply is not smooth, the blaster can be shaken to make the ball reach the supply chain forward this is the disadvantage of the original blaster, not a product problem. PLA raw material has a low melting point, and it is forbidden to put the product in a high temperature environment. Such as near the heating, the interior of the car under direct sunlight, etc. We ship the package within 24 hours after the payment cleared. Delivery Time. We provide free shipping to worldwide with no minimum purchase required for all orders at Blastermod.

You also can choose your preferred shipping methods on the Order Information page during the checkout process. Select Options. Add to Cart. Product Price Quantity Options. Features Availability: Price Options Actions. All other countries workingdays after shipment.Free shipping. We provide services on customize blaster with parts, 3D printing and paint works. We organize blaster game activities and Nerf Party for Kids. We offer venue design, customize invitation cards, healthy foods and cake, organize Nerf battle game and photography services.

If performed incorrectly, modifications can reduce performance or render the blaster inoperable. When performing even basic mods, there is always a risk of losing parts, cracking plastic, or not being able to re-assemble the blaster. Some of the more common blasters' internal pictures can be found online, and it is worthwhile to use these as references.

When performing cosmetic mods, care must be taken in order to not lock up any moving parts. Without a few layers of a hard clear coat, paint can gum up areas where plastic slides on plastic. For more complex mods like barrel replacement and fabrication of sealed breech, you must take into consideration the volume of the plunger tube in relation to the barrel length, and spring power must also be increased.

So make sure you know what you are getting yourself into before you start a mod. Be sure to remember what size screws go where and make sure no small springs shoot out when the blaster is opened. The blaster should be unloaded with the mainspring relaxed. Try to avoid opening the blaster when it is in the cocked position. Is there an age restriction for modification products?

Modding a dartblaster may seem attractive to children, but our modification products are meant for adults who want to mod their blaster to the edge. There is no age restriction by law, but we don't sell our mod products to customers under the age of Our reasons are simple: The use of a modified blaster requires a certain degree of responsibility, and the modification needs some mechanical skill and technical understanding. How difficult is it to install Blasterparts modification products?

The degree of difficulty varies. Some blasters have fairly simple mechanics, and modification of those blasters is an easy task. Voltage mods for most blasters only consist of rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, so the mod is as simple as changing the batteries. If you plan to do a difficult mod, check the internet for explanations and tutorials. Especially for Nerf blasters there's plenty of information on the net in form of explaining pictures and videos.

Besides, we are working on a skill table that lets you check the actual level of difficulty for the installation of the particular modification kit. Items will be sent out within 24 hours after the payment cleared. Orders will be shipped via airmail, air parcel or other services depending on situations. Buyers from other countries: business days. A confirmation email would be sent upon delivery, please notice there are a parcel tracking no.

nerf perses extended hopper

Please attention it! Once this international transaction generate custom duty, buyer should afford it by yourself. If you purchase the items, please learn about your local custom duty levy upon position. Also, certain products, like modded blasters have further country restrictions, also due to difficulties passing customs. Please visit the product pages for details on these restrictions. Skip to main content.

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Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab.There is currently a three week waiting list till these hoppers are shipping. The only complaint many have is the low hopper capacity. For every problem there are at least two solutions. We formulated two add-on hopper designs with the help of our viewers. The first design Commander D has a simplistic look and blends in with the Perses very well.

This hopper can hold up to rounds including the gun hopper. The second design Commander R has a bit more flare to it and can hold rounds including the gun hopper. Both hoppers use the existing hinge mount on the Perses and install within minutes. To keep the hopper locked down we are using a strap with a snap connection.

The snap allows easy access to quickly open the hopper, if needed, and holds it securely so it will not unintentionally open. Also, both hoppers feature our standard flip top cover for quick and easy loading and when you ready for even more ammo check out our Battle Pack which will works great with these hopper designs.

Simply plug in the hose in the inlet port and load it up. Installation : Installation only take a few minutes. So, the stock hopper cover must be removed and replaced with our hopper.

Also, we provide a Door Lock Fix so that the gun will fire when the stock cover is not there. There is one screw holding the stock door lock, so replacing it only take less than one minute. Please see our youtube installation video for a complete guide to install our hopper. Dimensions : Commander D — Tools : You will need a small Phillips head screw driver for installation.

Your satisfaction as a customer is important to us.

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We will profit from this one interaction, but our business will build only on trust from consumers. We do NOT sell or share your personal information with anyone. Commander Hopper for Perses quantity. Description Additional information Description. Choose an option Commander D Commander R Choose an option Straight Angled Clear.

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